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Floriculture (group)

The Department of Floriculture was founded in 1992 (in 2011 re-organized to group) and is headed by Dr. Gitana Štukėnienė. 3,000 plants of 80 families and 253 genera have been accumulated and maintained during the period of 1992-2014.

 Morphological, decorative and bio-ecological properties of the following plant genera were studied and estimated: Astilbe Buch. – Ham. (60 taxa), Hemerocallis L. (111 taxa) and Phlox L. (70 taxa). For the first time in Lithuania a unique collection of flowers (cultivars, hybrids and numerous seedlings of 1,044 names) created by local breeders has been accumulated. Nurseries have been established to conserve the gene pool of these flowers.

The study of morphological, ornamental and bio-ecological properties of 100 gladioli, 50 dahlia, 30 tulips and 20 irises cultivars, created by Lithuanian flower breeders and grown at the Vilnius University Botanical Garden, was carried out.

 The terraces around the ponds in Kairėnai are covered in flowers arranged depending on the time of the year they bloom. This Flower Valley is the domain of the Department of Floriculture; there field flowers belonging to different bio-ecological groups blossom from spring to autumn. The original composition Flower Lane was established in the Department as well.

Head of the Department Dr. Gitana Štukėnienė, together with Janina Puočiauskienė  and Renatas Turla are experts of perennial flowers.

Gražina Busevičiūtė collects Dahlias, Iris flowers.