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Pomology (group)

The Department of Pomology was established in 1975 (in 2011 re-organized to group) and is headed by Edvardas Meidus. Main research of the Department is conducted into the selection and introduction of berry plants. Today the collection of introduced plants contains 14 genera, 105 species and 747 cultivars from 27 countries. The cultivars are estimated according to descriptors, selection is carried out in collections of Chaenomeles Lindl., Lonicera L., Oxycoccus Hill., Ribes L., Vaccinium L., and Vitis L.


Head of the Department Edvardas Meidus is an expert of Ribes genus. Department houses a large collection of black currants (226 cultivars), red and white currants (78 cultivars) and gooseberries (115 cultivars). The wild (non-crop) berry plant collection contains 74 species of currants and gooseberries.

Auksė Meiduvienė is an expert of Vaccinium and Oxycoccus genera. In 1995 the first steps were made to establish the collection of American cranberry, lingonberry and highbush blueberry. At present, there are 22 cultivars of cranberry, 17 cultivars of highbush blueberry and 8 cultivars of lingonberry.

Dr. Silva Žilinskaitė, scientific secretary of the Botanical garden, works with species and cultivars of edible honeysuckle (Lonicera caerulea) and quinces (Chenomeles japonica).