Vilniaus universitetas


Department of Vingis

Department was founded in 1993 after re-organisation of the Botanical Garden. Since 2002 Vingis Department is being headed by Regina Juodkaitė.

About 3,000 taxa are grown in the collections of the Department: systematic collection of plants houses 700 taxa, greenhouse collection - 690, bulb collection - 740, Rose Garden (founded in 2000) - 200, attractive grasses and other ornamental herbaceous plants - 300, woody plants – 200 taxa.


Studies of reproduction of 400 cultivars of tulip bulbs, collection of important historical and iconographic data about the former Vingis Estate, the today’s site of the Department are carried out.
Kristina Balnytė collects specimens for greenhouse plants collection (690 taxa, 310 genera, 111 families), and attractive grasses and other herbaceous ornamental plants (300 taxa, 95 genera, 52 families).
Dr. Regina Juodkaitė - head of the Department - accumulates collection of bulbs (740 taxa).